<p>Staining of cross-sections and flat-mounts with antibodies against CD31, NG2 and GFAP on postnatal day 5 (P5, (A–F, M–O) and P60 (G–L). The white arrowhead in A and C indicates the border of CD31-positive cells in a control mouse. Note their absence in the transgenic retina (B and D). NG2, CD31 and GFAP staining is localized to the retrolental cell mass, indicative of the hyaloid, in transgenic retinas (D, F, M–O) compared to wild-type retinas (C, E). Irregular CD31+ cells had developed at P60 in the transgenic retina (H, J, L). Wild-type control (G, I, K). M–O: The same P5 transgenic retina as shown in D, stained for NG2 (red) and CD31 (green) and DAPI (blue). Tractional forces on the retina have caused it to fold (thin white arrow in M) by sprouting ectopic and irregular blood vessels (black arrows in N) that infiltrates the retina at various depths. Outer nuclear layer (onl), inner nuclear layer (inl), ganglion cell layer (gcl), optic nerve exit (one). Scale bar A and B 1 µm, C–F 200 µm, G–H 1 mm, I–J 200 µm, K–L 50 µm and M 200 µm.</p

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