Cortisol effect on rapid cell signaling in trout hepatocytes.


<p>Rainbow trout hepatocytes were incubated either with cortisol (0, 100 or 1000 ng/mL) or benzyl alcohol (BA; 25 mM) for 10 min. Cell homogenates (40 µg protein) were probed with polyclonal rabbit antibody (Cell Signaling Technology, Beverly, MA) to either phospho-(Ser) PKC substrate (A), phospho-PKA Substrate (RRXS/T) (B) or phospho-Akt substrate (RXXS/T) (C). Equal loading was confirmed with β-actin (monoclonal mouse antibody; Sigma, St. Louis, MO). A representative immunoblot for each is shown; values are plotted as % control and shown as mean ± S.E.M (n = 3 independent fish); bars with different letters are significantly different (repeated measures ANOVA, p<0.05). *significantly different from control (Paired Student’s t-test; p<0.05).</p

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