The effects of hypoxic stress on the behavior of <i>Macoma balthica</i>.


<p>(A) Number of stressed and/or dead <i>M. balthica</i> on the sediment surface with increasing duration of hypoxia. A nonlinear regression curve was fitted to the replicate values (r<sup>2 = </sup>0.92, p<0.0001, <a href="" target="_blank">Table S2</a>). The dotted horizontal line represents the number of <i>M. balthica</i> found at depth in undisturbed sediments. (B) The reburial rate of <i>M. balthica</i> after 0, 3 and 7 days of hypoxia. 20 bivalves were included for each treatment (tested in the laboratory). The x-axes are log (x + 1) transformed.</p

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