<p>Upper panels, selection of cells at different division stages observed in bright field (BF) microscopy and fluorescent microscopy (FM4–64, membrane staining; YFP, OatA<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP fluorescence). Induction of <i>oatA<sup>TM1–10</sup>::yfp</i> expression was performed with 10 ng/ml of nisin. I, septal localization of the YFP fusion prior to membrane invagination; II, co-localization of the YFP fusion and the septal membrane; III, polar localization at the end of septation; IV, reinitiation of septal localization in daughter cells. Bar scale, 1.0 µm. Lower panel, schematic representation of the cell cycle. Colors and numbers refer to above micrographs. Yellow represent a merge between FM4–64 and YFP fluorescences.</p

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