Morphological aberrations induced by the overproduction of different variants of OatA in the <i>oatA</i> mutant.


<p>Induction was performed with 20 ng/ml of nisin. A) Selection of cells showing curvature (labeled C), asymmetrical septation (labeled A), dual septation (labeled D) observed in bright field (BF) or phase contrast (PC) microscopy and fluorescent microscopy (FM4–64, membrane staining). A<sup>−/</sup>A<sup>+++</sup>, <i>oatA</i> mutant overexpressing <i>oatA</i><sup>WT</sup>; A<sup>−/</sup>A<sup>* +++</sup>, <i>oatA</i> mutant overexpressing <i>oatA</i><sup>D510A/S511A</sup>; A<sup>−/</sup>A™<sup> +++</sup>, <i>oatA</i> mutant overexpressing <i>oatA</i><sup>TM1–10</sup><i>::yfp</i>. Bar scale, 2.0 µm. B) Selection of two tripartite cells (I and II) showing a central mini-cell (labeled MC) resulting from a dual septation event observed in bright field (BF) microscopy and fluorescent microscopy (YFP, OatA<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP fluorescence; DAPI, DNA staining).</p

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