<p>Effect of expression of <i>minC::yfp</i> (A, MinC-YFP) and <i>minD::yfp</i> (B, MinD-YFP) in <i>L. plantarum</i> wild-type (WT) and <i>oatA</i> mutant (OatA<sup>−</sup>) without nisin induction (0 ng/ml) and with 2.5 ng/ml of nisin. Micrographs were obtained in bright field (BF) microscopy and fluorescence microscopy (YFP). For MinD-YFP (nisin 2.5 ng/ml), minicells are indicated by arrows in WT and three selected branched cells (insets) are added for OatA<sup>−</sup>. Bar scale, 2.0 µm.</p

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