<p>A) Schematic representation of fusion proteins (YFP, yellow star) and corresponding micrographs in phase contrast (PC) microscopy and fluorescence microscopy (YFP). Upper panels, <i>oatA</i> mutant producing cytoplasmic YFP (OatA<sup>−/</sup>YFP) used as control; middle panels, <i>oatA</i> mutant producing OatA<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP (OatA<sup>−/</sup>OatA<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP); lower panels, <i>oatB</i> mutant producing OatB<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP (OatB<sup>−/</sup>OatB<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP). Induction of expression was performed with 10 ng/ml of nisin. Bar scale, 2.0 µm. B) Fluorescence ratio (FR; AU, arbitrary unit) between the fluorescence measured at mid-cell position and pole. A<sup>−/</sup>A™, <i>oatA</i> mutant producing OatA<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP and B<sup>−/</sup>B™, <i>oatB</i> mutant producing OatB<sup>TM1–10</sup>-YFP. Lines represent the mean value (n = 20, 3 independent replicates).</p

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