<p>Panel A and B. Quantification of <i>Sod1</i> mRNA expression in whole brain by real-time RT-PCR. N = 6 for all groups and samples were run in triplicate. All samples were duplexed for <i>Sod1</i> (Fam-label) and an endogenous control <i>GAPDH, β-actin</i> or <i>Thy-1</i> (Vic-label). Expression level is expressed in arbitrary units as normalised by the geometric mean of the quantity of the endogenous controls (<i>y</i>-axis). Error bars represent the standard deviation. (A) <i>Sod1</i> mRNA expression level for parental strain of the HS mice (except LP). (B) <i>Sod1</i> mRNA expression level grouped by allele (A/G) (A = A, BALB, C3H, C57; G = AKR, CBA, DBA). No significant difference was observed between the groups. Panels (C) and (D). Quantification of Sod1 protein in whole brain (10% homogenate, weight/volume) from n = 3 A allele mice (C57Bl/6) and G allele mice (FVB/N). FVB/N mice were used to represent a G allele strain rather than an HS parental strain due to availability of tissue. Samples were immunoblotted with rabbit polyclonal anti-human SOD1(Abcam) and detected with IRDye800CW (green) conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (Li-Cor). Anti-β-actin mouse monoclonal antibody (Sigma) was also included as a loading control and was detected using IRDye680 (red) conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG (Li-Cor). Fluorescence was visualised using an Odyssey infra-red imager (Li-Cor). (C) Uninoculated mice, (D) Terminally sick Chandler/RML prion inoculated mice.</p

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