Neighbor-joining phylogenetic tree of the partial 16S rRNA genes from stratified Baltic Sea sediments.


<p>In the inverted circular tree with a stacked bar chart (sea phases), red bars indicate the abundance of a leaf (sequence) found in the Litorina Sea laminae (depths 330 and 422 cm), blue bars the abundance of a leaf found in the Late Litorina Sea laminae (depths 91 and 101 cm) and the black bars the abundance of a leaf found in the Early Litorina lamina (depth 534 cm). The leaves without bars are reference sequences obtained using the NAST tool. Reliable branches are shown in the bootstrap tree (<a href="" target="_blank">Fig. S5</a>). The clone sequences were assigned to phylum or class level (Proteobacteria) or to genus level (<i>Pseudomonas</i>) by the RDP classifier with an 80% threshold. The putative JS1 clones were assigned, based on the closest sequence matches, using the RDP seqmatch tool. Scale bar represents the genetic distance, i. e. the nucleotide substitutions per site.</p

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