Association between bacterial sediment communities and chemical variables in Baltic Sea laminae.


<p>The black-filled circles indicate the sediment samples from the Early Litorina, red from the Litorina and blue from the Late Litorina sea phases. The numbers are rounded to the nearest integer. Canonical analysis of principal coordinates was based on the Bray Curtis dissimilarity matrix (n = 32×158) of bacterial terminal restriction fragments of the 16S rRNA gene. Samples and chemical parameters (purple arrows) were plotted against canonical axis scores 1 and 2. The chemical variables chosen explained 45% of the variation. Test statistics with 9999 permutations resulted in a highly significant <i>p</i> value (<i>p</i> = 1e-04), which allows rejection of the null hypothesis that there are no relationships between the bacterial communities and chemical variables. The length of the arrow indicates the strength of the correlation between the sediment samples and chemical parameter. An arrow direction indicates the increasing concentration of the chemical parameter.</p

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