<p>Histological features of Chandler/RML prion transmission to <i>Sod1<sup>−/−</sup></i> (A–C) and wild type control (D–F) mice. Panels A and D show distribution of disease-associated PrP by immunohistochemistry using anti-PrP monoclonal antibody ICSM35. Panels B, C, E and F show detail from the hippocampus and are stained with haematoxylin and eosin (H&E) to visualise spongiform change and neuronal loss. There is almost no neuronal loss in the <i>Sod1<sup>−/−</sup></i> mice but mild neuronal loss is seen in the wild type animals. Overall, the pattern of spongiosis, gliosis and PrP distribution are similar between the two groups, however, the distribution of disease-associated PrP is patchier in the knockouts especially in the cortex. Scale bar corresponds to 3 mm (A, D), 660 µm (B, E) or 160 µm (C, F).</p

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