Proton NMR spectra and Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis of blood serum samples.


<p>Representative sections of proton NMR spectra at the diagnosis (red), remission (green) and prolonged remission (blue) of one multiple myeloma patient. (<b>A</b>) up-field region (0.75–4.25 ppm), (<b>B</b>) down-field region (5.1–8.9 ppm), 20 times increased intensity compared to (A). (<b>C</b>) Scores plot obtained from OSC-PLS-DA performed on the NMR spectra of 71 blood serum samples. Group A (solid red, 19 samples): patients at diagnosis; group B (solid green, 27 samples): patients after chemotherapy; group C1 (solid blue, 10 samples): sustained remission and group C2 (empty blue, 15 samples): in relapse after chemotherapy.</p

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