Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis of NMR spectra acquired on blood serum samples.


<p>Scores (<b>A</b> and <b>B</b>) and weights (on LV1; <b>C</b> and <b>D</b>) plots obtained from OSC-PLS-DA performed on the NMR spectra of 37 and 42 blood serum samples for the comparison of groups B versus C1 (<b>A</b> and <b>C</b>) and B versus C2 (<b>B</b> and <b>D</b>). Group B (solid green, 27 samples): patients after chemotherapy; group C1 (solid blue, 10 samples): sustained remission; group C2 (empty blue, 15 samples): in relapse after chemotherapy. Cho: choline; Suc: succinate; Pyr: pyruvate; Ace: acetate; 2HiB: 2-hydroxyisobutyrate; Car: carnitine; AcCar: acetylcarnitine.</p

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