Effect of resveratrol on nicotinamide-induced inhibition of Sirt-1 expression.


<p><i>A: Sirt-1 protein expression during osteogenesis in monolayer cultures.</i> 21 days monolayer cultures of osteogenic induced fat tissue derived MSCs. Whole cell lysates (500 ng/lane) were probed for Sirt-1. MSCs express high levels of Sirt-1 before and after induction of osteogenic differentiation. Synthesis of the housekeeping protein β-actin was unaffected. Sirt-1 control peptide was used as a control (co pep.). M = Marker for molecular weights. <i>B–C: Effect of resveratrol on NA-induced inhibition of Sirt-1 expression during osteogenesis in monolayer culture.</i> 14 days osteogenic induction culture of control MSCs, cells treated with 0.1, 1, 10 µM resveratrol or with 1, 10, 100 mM nicotinamide or pre-treated with 1 µM resveratrol for 4 h followed by co-treatment with nicotinamide. Whole cell lysates (500 ng/lane) were fractionated and subjected to western blotting with antibodies against Sirt-1. D: <i>Densitometric evaluation was performed for Sirt-1 expression from Fig. B–C.</i> Each experiment was performed in triplicate and mean values and standard deviation are indicated. Values were compared to the control and statistically significant values with <i>p</i><0.05 were designated by an asterisk (*).</p

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