Multivariate statistical analysis of the MR spectra.


<p>Loadings plots (on PC1) obtained by performing the PCA comparisons on the MR spectra of control and one treatment per analysis (as shown in <a href="" target="_blank">Fig. 3</a>) acquired on polar extracts of PC3 (black line) and LNCaP (red line) prostate cancer cells following 48 hours of treatment with (A) LY294002 or (B) 17AAG. Enlarged sections of the loadings plots represent the region of 1.9–4.1 ppm. Ala: alanine; Asn: asparagine; Cho: choline; Cit: citrate; Cre: creatine; Fum: fumarate; Glc: glucose; Gln: glutamine; Gly: glycine; GPcho: glycerophosphocholine; GSH: glutathione; His: histidine; Ile: isoleucine; Lac: lactate; Leu: leucine; m-Ino: myo-inositol; Pcho: phosphocholine; Pcre: phosphocreatine; Phe: phenylalanine; Tau: taurine; Tyr: tyrosine; Val: valine, UDPS: UDP sugars.</p

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