Oligomers and fibrils formation differentiated by ThT fluorescence.


<p>ThT fluorescence intensity was monitored to follow fibrillogenesis of Aβ(1–40) and Aβ(1–40)E22G in the presence and in the absence of 2 mM Ca<sup>2+</sup>. Black bars, Aβ(1–40) in phosphate buffer (“–Ca<sup>2+</sup> condition”); light grey bars, Aβ(1–40) in 2 mM CaCl<sub>2</sub>; dark grey bars, Aβ(1–40)E22G in phosphate buffer; light blue bars, Aβ(1–40)E22G in CaCl<sub>2</sub>. Shown are averages of values obtained in four independent experiments; error bars indicating the standard error of the average.</p

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