Superimposition of yeast eIF3b-RRM with several canonical RRMs bound to oligonucleotides from PDB.


<p>(A) Six different canonical RRMs (PDB codes 1B7F, 2AD9, 2KH9, 2RQC, 3D2W and 2UP1, all in grey) superimposed with yeast eIF3b-RRM (orange). As shown, oligonucleotides (red loops) occupy more or less the same position on the solvent exposed side of the β-sheet. (B) Three dimensional conservation of the elements of RNP1 (the black box on the panel A). The numbers correspond to the position of the amino acids in the motif [RK]<sub>1</sub>-G<sub>2</sub>-[FY]<sub>3</sub>-[GA]<sub>4</sub>-[FY]<sub>5</sub>-[ILV]<sub>6</sub>-X<sub>7</sub>-[FY]<sub>8</sub>.</p

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