Impact of bisphenol A (BPA) on survival and growth.


<p>(A) Percent survival of trout embryos was calculated at the end of the experimental period (400-dpf). (B) Temporal changes in average body mass (g), measured every two weeks after the time of first feed (65 dpf), in the control and BPA exposed groups during development, and (C) in juveniles at 400 dpf. Oocytes were exposed to either control (vehicle alone) or BPA at 30 µ<sup>−1</sup> (low) or 100 µ<sup>−1</sup> (high) for 3 h and fertilized with untreated sperm. Fertilized eggs were incubated at 8.5°C and were sampled at various time points during development; values represent mean + SEM (n = 6); bars with different letters are statistically significant (two-way ANOVA for temporal changes and one-way ANOVA for single time point; p<0.05).</p

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