sCD14 exerts bimodal effects in acute lung inflammation depending on the dose of S-LPS.


<p>WT and CD14KO mice were treated intranasally with 10 µg S-LPS (left panel) or 0.1 µg S-LPS (right panel) and 10 µg sCD14 was administered simultaneously with S-LPS to groups of CD14KO mice. Six hours after LPS (and sCD14) administration, BALF was isolated and analyzed for PMN counts (A, B), TNF levels (C, D) and LIX levels (ER, F). Eight to nine mice were used per group. Data are are mean ± SEM. *, P<0.05; **, P<0.01; ***, P<0001 versus WT mice; ##, P<0.01; ###, P<0.001 versus CD14KO mice.</p

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