<p>High (HAB), normal (NAB) and low (LAB) anxious animals were fed with <sup>14</sup>N and/or <sup>15</sup>N enriched bacteria diets. <b>A</b>) No behavioral changes due to diet <i>per se</i> were found for animals fed with bacteria diet compared to the animals of the respective lines of the HAB/NAB/LAB standard breeding of the same generation (dotted lines and indicated in <b>B</b>) as percentage difference of the standard breeding). However, <sup>15</sup>N fed HAB animals showed a strongly reduced immobility, indicating depression-like behavior, compared to <sup>14</sup>N fed HABs (**p<0.01). B) This differed significantly from the standard HAB/NAB/LAB breeding (*p<0.05). Due to division by zero, no value is given for <sup>14</sup>N fed LAB animals in relation to the standard breeding: values are <sup>14</sup>N LAB 0.53±0.3 sec vs. standard LAB 4.06±1.5 sec.</p

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