The leukemogenic potential of p40<i><sup>ABL/BCR</sup></i> and p96<i><sup>ABL/BCR</sup></i>.


<p>(A) Experimental strategy to model leukemia induced by the reciprocal t(9;22) fusion proteins. Sca1<sup>+</sup>/lin<sup>−</sup> BM cells were infected with the indicated retroviruses and inoculated into sub-lethally irradiated mice. As positive and negative controls, we used γ-catenin and empty vector-transduced cells, respectively. (B) Survival curves show the frequency of recipients succumbing to disease after receiving the transduced cells. Statistical relevance was set at p<0.05. (C) May-Grünwald-Giemsa staining of cytospins from BM and spleen of one representative mouse in each group. (D) Relative splenomegaly of p40<i><sup>ABL/BCR</sup></i>-, p96<i><sup>ABL/BCR</sup></i>- or γ-catenin-positive leukemia. (E) Expression of differentiation-specific surface markers.</p

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