Effects of 1R-Chl on colony formation of CML patient MNCs and normal human MNCs.


<p>(A) MNCs from CML patients were cultured with rh stem cell factor, rh IL-3, rh GM-CSF with or without erythropoietin which lead to CFU-GM or BFU-E cell lineages. The experiments were done in duplicate with 1R-Chl ranging from 125 to 1000 nM, 1S-Chl at 500 and 1000 nM, and imatinib at 500 and 5000 nM. The colonies were counted and results were calculated as the percentage of the control plates (without treatment) after 2 weeks. (B) MNCs from normal donors were cultured and plated under the same condition as CML patient cells. The cells were exposed to 500 and 1000 nM 1R-Chl, 500 and 1000 nM 1S-Chl, and 500 and 5000 nM imatinib. The colonies were counted and percent growth inhibition was calculated after 2 weeks.</p

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