Proximity of residue Arg<sup>406</sup> (Arg<sup>403</sup> in cardiac myosin) to the actin interface.


<p>Arg<sup>406</sup> (red spheres) is immediately adjacent to residues of the cardiomyopathy loop that were previously implicated in actin binding by docking studies (407–414; green). While the conformation of the Arg<sup>406</sup> in the smooth muscle myosin crystal structure points away from the interface (A), it can easily reach actin by simple, stereochemically permitted bond angle rotations (B). The resulting conformation does not generate serious clashes with other myosin residues. Myosin is shown in blue, the interacting actin filament subunits in grey. Residue Pro<sup>333</sup> of actin, the closest to myosin Arg<sup>406</sup>, is shown as spheres.</p

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