<p><b>A.</b> Percentage of CD138<sup>+</sup> human myeloma cells measured by flow cytometry in bone aspirates of mice (n = 3), showing a significantly lower percentage of positive cells in both tibias and spine of mice in the two treatment groups than in untreated mice (p<0.05, 2-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post-test). No CD138<sup>+</sup> cells were observed in the organs of any of the mice. <b>B.</b> Histological analysis of sections from the tibias of mice from each group showed distinct differences. (i) Sections from healthy mice displayed classical architecture, with no CD138<sup>+</sup> cells. (ii) In comparison, sections from untreated myeloma mice showed a high infiltration of CD138<sup>+</sup> cells with loss of normal architecture. (iii) Treatment of mice with BZB resulted in the return of normal architecture and loss of CD138<sup>+</sup> cells. (iv) A similar result was observed in mice treated with tosedostat, but with occasional scattered CD138<sup>+</sup> cells.</p

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