<p><b>A.</b> (i) Pre-treatment and (ii) post-treatment BLI of mice at weeks 5 and 9. <b>B.</b> Quantitative measurement of radiance from BLI. (i) No significant difference in radiance between treatment groups was seen at the start of the treatment schedule. (ii) Post-treatment radiance levels revealed a significant attenuation of tumour spread by both BZB and tosedostat (p<0.05, 1-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post-test). <b>C.</b> Paraprotein levels during treatment schedule. Positive control mice showed an exponential increase in serum levels of Ig位 over 9 weeks. In comparison, both treatment groups did not exhibit the same increase, with significantly lower levels by the end of treatment (p<0.05).</p

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