Extracellular bovine chymosin (CHY) production by <i>A.oryzae</i> autophagy gene-conditional expression strains.


<p>(A) Approximately 2×10<sup>5</sup> conidia of the control (SlD-AKC1), SlD-PtA1-AKC, SlD-PtA4-AKC, SlD-PtA8-AKC, and SlDPtA15-AKC strains expressing CHY were inoculated into 20 ml 5×DPY medium (pH 5.5) supplemented with and without thiamine. CHY activities in the culture supernatant were measured after 4 days of growth at 30°C. Five experiments were performed, and the values of the average and standard deviations are represented (*<i>p</i><0.01, Student’s <i>t</i> test). (B) Western blot analysis of the culture supernatant of the CHY-expressing strains. Mature CHY bands of 35.4 kDa were detected using an anti-CHY antibody.</p

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