Description of strains containing P<i><sub>shp</sub></i>-<i>luxAB</i> transcriptional fusions in various genetic backgrounds.


<p>These strains were constructed in <i>S. thermophilus</i> strain LMD-9 and used to study the expression of the <i>shp</i> genes of <i>S. agalactiae</i> strain NEM316 (<i>shp/gbs1555</i> locus) and <i>S. mutans</i> strain UA159 (<i>shp/</i>SMU.1509 locus) in the presence and absence of the corresponding <i>shp</i> and <i>rgg</i> genes and in the presence and absence of the <i>ami</i> genes of <i>S. thermophilus</i> strain LMD-9.</p

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