*<p>P&lt;0.05, ** P&lt;0.01 for difference in resistance between Australian and Alaskan carriers; CI, confidence interval.</p>1<p>MacR, macrolide-resistant: azithromycin (Australia) and erythromycin (Alaska) minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) &gt;0.5 mg/L.</p>2<p>AziIR, azithromycin intermediate resistant: MIC &gt;0.12–4 mg/L; AziR, azithromycin resistant: MIC &gt;4 mg/L for Australian children.</p>3<p>All isolates from Alaskan children were susceptible on disk diffusion; MICs were not determined.</p>4<p>Isolates from one swab did not grow on sensitivity plates.</p>5<p>EryR, erythromycin resistant on disk diffusion.</p>6<p>PenIR, penicillin intermediate resistant: MIC &gt;0.06–2 mg/L; no resistant (MIC &gt;2 mg/L) isolates were detected in either cohort.</p>7<p>AmpR, ampicillin MIC &gt;1 mg/L.</p>8<p>BLpos, beta-lactamase positive.</p>9<p>MethR, methicillin resistant on disk diffusion.</p

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