Stress-induced formation of stress granules.


<p>Approximately 10<sup>4</sup> conidia of cells expressing AoPab1-EGFP were grown in CD+Met medium at 30°C for 18 h before being exposed to various types of stress. (A) Subcellular localization of AoPab1-EGFP. Accumulation of AoPab1-EGFP (indicated by the arrow) was induced when cells were exposed to 45°C for 10 min. (B) Subcellular localization of EGFP. Accumulation of EGFP was not observed in cells exposed to heat stress. (C) Accumulation of AoPab1-EGFP (indicated by the arrows) was induced in cells treated with cold stress (4°C, 30 min), glucose deprivation (10 min), osmotic stress (1.2 M sorbitol, 30 min), and ER stress (10 mM DTT, 60 min). Scale bars  =  5 µm.</p

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