Effect of <i>Aoso</i> deletion on stress granules.


<p>(A) Stress granule formation in wild-type (WT) and <i>Aoso</i>-deletion mutant (▵<i>Aoso</i>) cells was detected using AoPab1-EGFP as a marker. Approximately 10<sup>4</sup> conidia of cells expressing AoPab1-EGFP were grown in CD+Met medium at 30°C for 18 h before being exposed to 45°C for 10 min. Scale bar  =  5 µm. (B) Distribution of stress granule localization. The distance of AoPab1-EGFP foci from the hyphal tip is displayed using a box plot where the top and bottom of the box represent limits of the upper and lower quartiles, with the median being indicated by the horizontal line within the box. The whiskers show the highest and lowest reading within 1.5 times the interquartile range. The outliers are indicated by dots. The data were derived from three independent experiments with a total of 260 measurements in the WT and ▵<i>Aoso</i> strains, respectively.</p

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