<p>(A) Condition-dependence of ncRNA expression. The heat-map depicts 766 identified ncRNAs and their patterns of expression across the condition compendium. Red depicts high expression, and green depicts low expression. (B) <i>BPNC10061R</i> expression is triggered by sorbitol. <i>BPNC10061R</i> is highly expressed under condition of osmotic stress (2M Sorbitol) compared to desiccation. (C) Secondary structure and species conservation of <i>BPNC10061R</i>. Consensus sequences homologous to <i>BPNC10061R</i> are found in <i>B. mallei</i>, <i>B. cenocepacia</i> and <i>B. thailandensis</i> strains. The sequences were aligned, and corresponding secondary structures were predicted.</p

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