Transitional dynamics of the mutually supporting scenario.


<p>The original society and the derived society are mutually supportive, they compose a new society, which could be interpreted as growing of the original society. Situation 1: <i>p<sub>c_od</sub></i> =  <i>p<sub>c_do</sub></i> =  <i>p<sub>c_dd</sub></i> = 0.5, situation 2: <i>p<sub>c_od</sub></i> =  <i>p<sub>c_do</sub></i> =  <i>p<sub>c_dd</sub></i> = 1.5. Other parameters are kept constant (<i>n<sub>o</sub></i> = <i>n<sub>d</sub></i> = 100, <i>p<sub>c_oo</sub></i> = 0.1, <i>a/b</i> = 100, <i>p<sub>m</sub></i> = 0.01). The mean and standard deviation of total productivity and number of occupations of the original (<i>So</i>), derived (<i>Sd</i>) and merged society(<i>Sm</i>) are shown. Productivity of the occupations of the original society could decrease (situation 1) or increase (situation 2) during the growing process due to different supporting strength.</p

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