Low-Temperature Combustion Chemistry of <i>n-</i>Butanol: Principal Oxidation Pathways of Hydroxybutyl Radicals


Reactions of hydroxybutyl radicals with O<sub>2</sub> were investigated by a combination of quantum-chemical calculations and experimental measurements of product formation. In pulsed-photolytic Cl-initiated oxidation of <i>n</i>-butanol, the time-resolved and isomer-specific product concentrations were probed using multiplexed tunable synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry (MPIMS). The interpretation of the experimental data is underpinned by potential energy surfaces for the reactions of O<sub>2</sub> with the four hydroxybutyl isomers (1-hydroxybut-1-yl, 1-hydroxybut-2-yl, 4-hydroxybut-2-yl, and 4-hydroxybut-1-yl) calculated at the CBS-QB3 and RQCISD(T)/cc-pV∞Z//B3LYP/6-311++G­(d,p) levels of theory. The observed product yields display substantial temperature dependence, arising from a competition among three fundamental pathways: (1) stabilization of hydroxybutylperoxy radicals, (2) bimolecular product formation in the hydroxybutyl + O<sub>2</sub> reactions, and (3) decomposition of hydroxybutyl radicals. The 1-hydroxybut-1-yl + O<sub>2</sub> reaction is dominated by direct HO<sub>2</sub> elimination from the corresponding peroxy radical forming butanal as the stable coproduct. The chemistry of the other three hydroxybutylperoxy radical isomers mainly proceeds via alcohol-specific internal H-atom abstractions involving the H atom from either the −OH group or from the carbon attached to the −OH group. We observe evidence of the recently reported water elimination pathway (Welz et al. <i>J. Phys. Chem. Lett.</i> <b>2013</b>, <i>4</i> (3), 350–354) from the 4-hydroxybut-2-yl + O<sub>2</sub> reaction, supporting its importance in γ-hydroxyalkyl + O<sub>2</sub> reactions. Experiments using the 1,1-<i>d</i><sub>2</sub> and 4,4,4-<i>d</i><sub>3</sub> isotopologues of <i>n</i>-butanol suggest the presence of yet unexplored pathways to acetaldehyde

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