Targeted metabolic analysis of bone marrow and peripheral blood samples at diagnosis and after induction therapy.


<p>Shown are the mean fold differences in metabolite concentrations in BM and PB samples collected (A) at the time of diagnosis and (B) after induction therapy (mean ± SEM, n = 10 patients). Statistical significance was assessed based on absolute metabolite concentrations (SI, <a href="" target="_blank">Table S1</a>) using the nonparametric two-sided Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test (WRST) and p-values were corrected using false discovery rate (FDR). The bar plot is color coded according to p-values (pFDR < 10%). At day 0 (A), 22 metabolites were significantly different between BM and PB with pFDR <10%, 14 of which had pFDR <5%. In contrast, only 4 of 110 identified metabolites were found to be significantly different between BM and PB at day 29 (B). Both bar plots also show the differences in the ratios of glutamate to glutamine, aspartate to asparagine, choline to creatine, unsaturated to saturated fatty acids, and the sum of glutamine plus pyroglutamate.</p

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