Uncoupling transcription and translation in the <i>pil1</i> operon.


<p>Quantitative RT-PCR were performed on RNAs extracted from UCN34 WT and Pil1+<sub>var23</sub> variant grown without or with chloramphenicol (8 µg/mL) to induce ribosome stalling in leader peptide mRNA. The expression levels were normalized using 16S rRNA as an internal standard and are indicated as the n-fold change with respect to untreated WT strain UCN34, expressed as means and standard deviations of at least three separate experiments. The gene <i>tanA</i> was used as a reference gene whose transcription is not affected by addition of chloramphenicol. Asterisks represent P values (*<i>P</i><0.05) evaluated using a Student <i>t</i> test. The location in the <i>pil1</i> operon of the four primer pairs used is indicated at the bottom.</p

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