Uptake of <i>S. gallolyticus</i> UCN34 WT, Δ<i>pil1</i>, and Δ<i>term</i> (Pil1+<sub>locked</sub>) strains by human THP-1 macrophages.


<p>(A) Indirect immunofluorescence microscopy showing phagocytosis of Δ<i>pil1</i> or Δ<i>term</i> (Pil1+<sub>locked</sub>) mutants by THP-1 macrophages in the presence of anti-Pil1 antibody (opsonophagocytic assay). Actin is depicted in grey-purple, Hoeschst 33342 in blue, intracellular bacteria in green, and extracellular bacteria in yellow (green+red). (B) Percentage of phagocytosis by THP-1 human macrophages after 1 h of infection with WT, Δ<i>pil1</i>, and Δ<i>term</i> (Pil1+<sub>locked</sub>) strains, with or without an anti-Pil1 antibody. Values are representative of at least 4 independant experiments. (C) Flow-cytometry analysis of Pil1 expression performed on the UCN34 WT from the inoculum (grey) or from intracellular UCN34 bacteria recovered from THP-1 macrophages in an opsonophagocytic assay with an anti-PilB pAb (black lines are 3 replicates from one experiment).</p

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