<p>After treatment with 2% (w/v) DSS for 7 days, WT and TTP KO mice were exposed to CO at a concentration of 250 ppm for 5 days and analyzed for colitis. A. Clinical scores were assessed as described in Materials and Methods. Data are mean ± SD for 5 mice (**, p<0.01; ***, p<0.005). ns, not significant. B and C. Colon length. B. Representative images of 5 tests conducted in each group. C. Data are mean ± SD for 5 mice (*, p<0.05; **, p<0.01). D. Representative H&E sections of each group from colons of WT and TTP KO mice. E. Neutrophil infiltration into the colon, quantified by measuring MPO activity. Data are mean ± SD for 5 mice (*, p<0.05; **, p<0.01). F. Colonic cytokine/chemokine mRNA levels, analyzed by semi-quantitative RT-PCR. Data represent 1 of 3 independent experiments with similar results. The band densities in the agarose gel were quantified by PhosphorImager, normalized to the internal control GAPDH and expressed as percentage (%) of the value of untreated control cells. Data shown are mean ± SD (n = 3). **, p<0.01; ***, p<0.005. ns, not significant.</p

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