<p>Peritoneal macrophages were harvested from WT and TTP KO mice. Cells were treated with 1 µg/ml LPS in the presence of 10 µM CORM-2 for 4 h. A. TNF-α in the supernatant of cells was determined by ELISA. Data shown are mean ± SD (n = 3). **, <i>p<</i>0.01. B. The expression levels of <i>TTP</i> and <i>TNF-α</i> mRNA were determined by semi-quantitative RT-PCR. C. Expression of <i>TNF</i> mRNA in macrophages was determined by quantitative real-time PCR at indicated times after the addition of 5 µg/ml actinomycin D. Values are mean ± SD (n = 3). ***, <i>p<</i>0.001. The band densities in the agarose gel were quantified by PhosphorImager, normalized to the internal control GAPDH and expressed as percentage (%) of the value of untreated control cells. Data shown are mean ± SD (n = 3). ***, p<0.005. ns, not significant.</p

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