ASB4 is expressed in the developing placental vasculature.


<p>A) <i>Asb4</i> mRNA is expressed only in the labyrinth zone of developing placentas. <i>In situ</i> hybridization was performed on E11.5 placental sections and imaged with bright field microscopy. Wide-field (4x, A) and higher magnification (20x, A’) anti-sense (AS)-probed sections illustrate <i>Asb4</i> localized to the labyrinth zone. A sense probe was used as a negative control (A”). B) ASB4 is expressed in a subset of c-kit-positive and PECAM-positive cells but not mature cytokeratin 17-expressing cells. E11.5 placental sections were probed with markers of stem cells (c-kit, B), endothelial cells (PECAM, B’), and differentiated TB cells (cytokeratin 17, B”) and fluorescently imaged at 20x magnification. These images were then merged to show co-localization. ASB4 only co-localizes with cells expressing c-kit and PECAM (arrows) but not cytokeratin 17 (filled arrows). There are also subsets of c-kit or PECAM positive cells that ASB4 did not co-localize at this stage (filled arrows).</p

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