ID2 expression increases in placentas that lack <i>Asb4</i>.


<p>A) Lysates from three E13.5 wild-type and <i>Asb4<sup>−/−</sup></i> placentas were immunoblotted against ID2 (top panel, asterisk denotes nonspecific band) and quantified (bottom panel). p<0.01. JAR-WCL =  whole cell lysates transfected with <i>Id2</i> or vector and run as a positive immunoblotting control. B) E12.5 sections from wild-type and <i>Asb4<sup>−/−</sup></i> placentas were labeled for ID2 (left panel), confirming that wild-type TB cells at this stage have low ID2 expression while ID2 expression is dramatically greater in <i>Asb4<sup>−/−</sup></i> placentas. 100x magnification.</p

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