Filtering exponentials and Legendre lowpass.


<p>(<b>a</b>) Double exponential decay during a stopped-flow recording. The reaction monitored is the interaction of ruthenium complexes with DNA, scaled to the interval [βˆ’1, 1]. For the experimental details of the system, see [12]. (<b>b</b>) The first 17 components of the Legendre spectrum of . The inverse fLT of the components through of the spectrum (<b>b</b>) gives the red curve in (<b>a</b>). Note that the sharp peak in the noisy trace is virtually not reflected in the filtered curve. (<b>c</b>) Autocorrelation curve (gray) resulting from an experiment where the diffusion constant of tetramethylrhodamine was measured (own data). In this example, fLT and ifLT are performed for non-equidistant samples, and we re-scaled the x-axis to correlation delays. (<b>d</b>) Legendre spectrum of the ACF shown in (<b>c</b>). The red curve in (<b>c</b>) is the inverse fLT of the components through of the Legendre spectrum.</p

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