<p>(A) The mortality rate was calculated as the number of dead mice at 24 h after induction of MCAO in <i>Siah1a<sup>+/+</sup>::Siah2<sup>+/+</sup></i> and <i>Siah1a<sup>+/−</sup>::Siah2<sup>−/−</sup></i> mice. HT = heterozygous genotype of the Siah1a animals. (B) Brain sections from <i>Siah1a<sup>+/+</sup>::Siah2<sup>+/+</sup></i> and <i>Siah1a<sup>+/−</sup>::Siah2<sup>−/−</sup></i> mice were stained with Triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) at 24 h after direct MCAO. The infarct volumes of brain sections were calculated as described in the Methods section. Five representative sections from two different mice of each group are shown. (C) At 24 h after MCAO, the brain sections were subjected to fixation, sectioned and further stained with H&E and ApopTag (TUNEL). Magnified TUNEL signal (red) is shown in the insets. The adjacent sections (#1, #2, #5 and #6) were stained with TTC solution. The scale bars indicate 50 µm. (D) Tissue sections adjacent to the ischemic core areas were analyzed by immunohistochemistry using the indicated antibodies. The square inset in the cartoon marks the area from which images were taken. The ischemic core was localized below the yellow line.</p

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