ICAM-1 was involved with TNF-α stimulated h-GF binding of SAOS-2.


<p>FACS analysis for ICAM-1 expression in h-GF with or without TNF-α (1.16nM) pre-treatment is shown (A), as well as at increasing times over 24 hr of TNF-α (1.16nM) treatment (B), compared with graphs showing the time-course of increased SAOS-2 binding by TNF-α (1.16nM) treated h-GF (C), and a histogram of the effect of blocking antibody against ICAM-1 (D). (A) h-GF expressed ICAM-1 and this was increased by TNF-α with maximal expression by 6 hr of cytokine treatment (B). (C) In an experiment performed at the same time as that shown in (5B), and using h-GF from the same donor, Maximal ICAM-1 expression correlated with maximal binding of SAOS-2 (p<0.001). As seen in the insert (C) examining the first 5 hr of cytokine stimulation in a separate time course experiment, increased SAOS-2 binding occurred between 0.5 and 1 hr of TNF-α (1.16nM) h-GF stimulation, and was maximal by 1.5 hrs (p<0.001). (D) Blocking antibody against ICAM-1 reduced binding of SAOS-2 to both untreated and TNF-α (1.16nM) stimulated h-GF (p<0.04).</p

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