Comparison of protein coding sequences (CDS) of <i>Ca</i>. Nitrososphaera evergladensis with CDS of other ammonia-oxidizing archaea.


<p>(A) CDS of <i>Ca</i>. Nitrososphaera evergladensis were compared to CDS of <i>Ca</i>. N. gargensis. (B) CDS of the group I.1a (<i>N. maritimus</i>, <i>Ca</i>. N. sediminis, <i>C. symbiosum</i>, <i>Ca</i>. N. limnia, <i>Ca</i>. N. koreensis) were compared to CDS of the group I.1b (<i>Ca</i>. N. evergladensis and <i>Ca</i>. N. gargensis). Overlapping regions represent CDS with amino acid sequence identity 35% and higher.</p

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