<p>(A–C) VSMCs were stimulated with 6-MP as indicated and mRNA expression was detected after 48 h. Data represent means±SEM, n≥6,*p<0.05 vs. control. (D) VSMCs were stimulated with 6-MP for 48 h. Nuclear proteins were extracted. Cbfa1, Cbfa1-phospho and TATA-bp were detected via Western blot. Representative images and relative band intensities of 3 independent blots of Cbfa1-phospho are shown. (E) MEK1 and ERK1/2 activation was detected via Bio-Plex (n≥6). Values are given as % of control and are normalized to total kinase. (F) mRNA expression of cbfa1 after 48 h treatment with 6-MP (100 µmol/L) ± U0126 (1 µmol/L) (n>6). Data represent means±SEM, *p<0.05 vs. control. ALP: alkaline phosphatase, cbfa1: core binding factor alpha-1, 6-MP: 6-mercaptopurine, OCN: osteocalcin.</p

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