Geometric morphometric analysis of individuals exhibiting the characteristic “<i>auricomus</i>” morphology.


<p>(A) An example of the sampled fresh plant material for DNA sequencing and geometric morphometric analyses. (B) 2D landmarks digitalization on the leaf outline. (C) Principal components analysis of the shape variables (i.e., Relative warps analysis, RWA) extracted from <i>R. notabilis</i> (blue squares), <i>R. cassubicifolius</i> × <i>notabilis</i> (red crosses) and <i>R. variabilis</i> (violet triangles) 2D landmark data. (D) Mean shapes of <i>R. notabilis</i>, <i>R. cassubicifolius</i> and <i>R. variabilis</i> reconstructed from each centroid (visualized as symbols surrounded by black-lined circles) of the three scatter clusters shown in (C). The between-group differences were tested by permutation tests (lower left triangle, ***  =  p<0.001) and the distances between the mean shapes are expressed as Procrustes distances (upper right triangle).</p

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