Differential requirements for flagellar-based motility along the SI.


<p>(A) Competitive indices (CI) from competition assays using GFP-labeled C6706, <i>ΔflaA</i>, <i>ΔmotB</i> or <i>ΔtcpA</i> and VcRed in the proximal (P), medial (M) and distal (D) SI segments and in vitro (I). Bars represent the geometric mean. *P<0.05, **P<0.01, #P<0.001, based on ANOVA followed by Bonferroni's multiple comparison post test, comparing the data with the corresponding VcGreen/VcRed samples. Open symbols mark the limit of detection for animals from which no mutants were recovered. (B,C) Distribution of <i>ΔflaA</i>-GFP (B) and <i>ΔmotB</i>-GFP (C) vs VcRed microcolonies along the axis of intestinal villi in the distal SI segment. The distance separating microcolonies from the base of the villi was measured by confocal microscopy in tissue cross sections from three mice. Data represent the mean ±SD. The number (n) of microcolonies analyzed is indicated in the bottom right of each panel.</p

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