<i>V. cholerae</i> aggregates are present in the lumen of the lower SI, often associated with mucus.


<p>(A) Each panel shows lumenal aggregates of <i>V. cholerae</i> (VcRed and VcGreen) from the medial or distal SI. Colonies in the right panel reside on the surface of digesta. Scale bar = 100 µm. (B) Confocal microscopy images of tissue sections from the lower SI of infant mice inoculated with LB (control), VcGreen or the GFP-labeled cholera toxin–deficient mutant <i>ΔctxAB</i>-GFP. Sections were counterstained with wheat germ agglutinin (red) to visualize mucus and DAPI (blue) to stain nuclei. Scale bar = 25 µm.</p

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