<i>Chop</i> mRNA is a direct target of miR-615-3p.


<p>A region of the <i>Chop</i> 3′UTR containing the putative miR-615-3p binding site was cloned into the pMIR-report vector downstream of the luciferase coding region (p-MIR-Chop). The 3′UTR segment with the putative miR-615-3p binding site mutated (p-MIR-Chop-mut) was also cloned into the pMIR-report vector. HEK293 cells were co-transfected with the respective reporter plasmid and precursor of miR-615-3p (pre-miR-615-3p) or a negative control precursor molecule. Relative luciferase activity (normalized to renilla) was measured 24 hours after the transfection. Data are expressed relative to the wild-type binding site transfected cells treated with a negative control precursor molecule and (n = 5 independent experiments), * P<0.05.</p

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