Binding of recombinant SpaFED-piliated lactococcal cells to ECM proteins.


<p><i>In vitro</i> binding specificities between the normalized (OD600 = 0.5) cultures of recombinant WT (GRS1189) and SpaF pilin-deleted (GRS1126) SpaFED-piliated lactococci (along with GRS71 and GRS1052 cells as controls) and the fibronectin (<b>A</b>), collagen I (<b>B</b>), and collagen IV (<b>C</b>) proteins were evaluated using the procedure described in <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and Methods</a>. Triplicate measurements were made for each of the ECM protein experiments, each of which was performed independently twice. SEM is indicated as error bars. For all ECM proteins tested, differences between the GRS1189 and GRS1226 binding results from pairwise comparisons against the GRS71 data are regarded very significant (<i>P</i>≤0.005).</p

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